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Rotary Dresser Forming Machine Roll Forming Machine

It is possible to process in sub-micron order by high-precision of a diamond rotary dresser.

Features of KRG-series

  • Both center processing, combined R processing, wet processing.
  • Irregularity processing with setting the work piece on the swivel base.
  • It is possible to handle interrupt by manual pulse generator(2axis).
  • The setting and measuring are available with the large size projector / digital CCD camera.
  • It allows processing time to be shorter, and unmanned operation.

Sample by Rotary dresser processing

Measurement example of double R-lapping processing

Besides high precision lapping used of the rotary dresser, it is also used high precision forming of V-face diamond wheel, and formed grinding of high-hardness materials.


The swivel base enables to process the submicron circular arc processing.

The swivel base that is high rigidity and precision is unequaled makes possible to process the submicron circular arc.(a figure drawn on the left side of processing example)

The High Rigidity Guaranteed

We put our know-how of machine development, and guarantee the high rigidity of the bed and whole machine structure.

The machine is high rigidity and low oscillation;the machine body is complete-box-type-structure and a bed filled up with concrete. The highly accuracy linear roller way are used on the table slide . It enable to have a rigid body and an accuracy movement.

High-performance Control Function

Manual pulse generator (2 axis) is equipped as a standard.

Auto-handle interrupt is possible, and you can bring out the skilful work.

Normal Direction Controlled

On programmed operation, control the axis to make the dresser for processing turn to normal directon at all time. It makes possible to perform the precise profile machini

Acoustic Equipment(AE) with a Built-in Wheel Spindle

Touch sensitive of workpiece is detectable by resolution 0.2maicro meter(actual value).
Positionig the workpiece and sensing the micro deflection are carried out objectively by waveform observation.

Abundant Software / CAM System

Operate this 5-axis control machine easily.
A shape pattern macro program
Interactive programming system
KG-CAM(authoring the NC programs by CAD drawing (DXF date format and multipoint date)

Standard specifications

  • Workpiece

    Min. processing dia.


  • NC unit


    Work table swivel / Work table longitudinal / Work table traverse Wheel spindle stock longitudinal / Work spindle stock feed

    Min. command unit

    0.0001mm/0.0001° (NC axis)

    Manual pulse generator

    2 axis

  • Work table

    Longitudinak travel (Y-axis)


    Traverse travel (X-axis)


  • Work swivel table

    Swivel angle (C-axis)

    -90°-+90°(NC axis)

    Swivel bearing

    Reinforced type

    With swivel brake

  • Work spindle

    Both center type work spindle

    Dead center

    Spring-load cup

    Max. work swing


    Max. work length


    Number of revolution


    Electric motor(DC servo)


    Max. weight on board of workpiace


  • Wheel spindle

    Longitudinak travel (U-axis)

    170mm (NC axis)

    Traverse travel (V-axis)

    260mm (NC axis)

    Grinding wheel

    φ300 x 10 x φ60mm

    Number of revolution(inverter)


    Electric motor

    1.5kW 2P

  • With centralized lubrication system

  • Machine dimension


  • Standard accessories


  • Working tools



  • 【Digital CCD camera unit】
    CCD camera | φ300mm MA(swiss)
    High precision zoom microscope | 1-5x
    PC | Windows 7,HDD250G,DVD drive,Keyboard,Mouse,USB3.0,LAN
    Monitor | 17 inch color LCD (OP 21inch)
    Monitor magnification | 40-200x (zoom lens)Magnification range is changeable by lens exchange.
    Drawing soft | Cross scale,concentric circle,semicircle
    Measurement function | Scale,between two points,radius,angle,calibration
    Drawing function | Cross scale,Concentric circle,Parallel lines
    Structure | Vibration-free bridge type:supported at 3 points
    Vertical travel | 10mm
    Traverse-longitudinal travel | 13mm each
  • Acoustic Equipment with a Built-in Wheel spindle |
    For wheel-touch sensitive / grinding load / sharpness monitor
  • Coolant unit |
    60Ltank 60Wpump / 100Ltank 180Wpump
  • Coolant unit with simplified paper filter |
    60Ltank 60Wpump / 100Ltank 180Wpump
  • Coolant unit with temperature regulator
    (simplified filter) |
    150Ltank / 180Wpump
  • NC unit |
    NC with PC function (FANUC)
  • 【Macro soft】
    Grinding macro soft | Patterning soft license
  • 【PC soft】
    NC date creating soft | KG-CAM license
    RS-232C communicaton software | NC comunicator license

Machine dimension



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