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Since its establishment in 1965,
KANEHIRA has supported Japanese manufacturing as a grinding machine manufacturer.
Our diamond rotary dresser CNC grinding machines are used
in various industries, mainly in the automobile industry,
and have the top share in Japan.


"Manufacturing" with full of originality

Aiming for "manufacturing" with full of originality that only our company can do, we are making efforts to be a company that shares the joy of creating, creates machines that customers feel the joy of selling and buying, and constantly pioneers and creates new things. In addition, we continue to humbly respond to a customer’s requests so that we can sincerely create better machines and get the customer’s comments, "We are happy that we introduced KANEHIRA's machines."

President & Representative Director
Tomoki Hiramatsu

代表取締役社長 平松 智輝


  • Company name KANEHIRA Corporation
  • Address 2-29 Shinkatanaike, Chita city, Aichi, 478-0069, Japan
  • TEL +81-562-56-6790
  • FAX +81-562-56-6791
  • Establishment 1965
  • Capital 20million yen
  • President &
    President & Representative Director Tomoki Hiramatsu
  • E-mail kanehira@kanehira.biz


Our Clients and Partners


2-29 Shinkatanaike, Chita city, Aichi, 478-0069, Japan

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Directions from Nagoya station

Take a train from Meitetsu / Meitetsu Nagoya Station → Get off at Chubu International Airport Line / Shin-Maiko Station
Change a train to the Airport Line at Kouwa Line / Otagawa Station → Get off at Chubu International Airport Line / Shin-Maiko Station

Directions from Chubu International Airport

Take a train from Meitetsu / Chubu International Airport Station → Get off at Shin-Maiko Station bound for Nagoya



From Tomei Komaki IC to Nagoya Expressway, Nagoya Expressway → Chita Peninsula Road Agui IC
Isewangan Expressway → From Tokai IC to Industrial Road R155


  • 1965 Former Chairman Kikuo Hiramatsu founded KANEHIRA Works.
    Started manufacturing precision mechanical components and tools.
  • 1977 Started creating jig design and manufacturing automated supply equipments.
  • 1978 Started manufacturing dedicated machine tools
  • 1982 Developed compaq tool grinding machine (FKG-152).
  • 1984 Incorporated as a private limited company, KANEHIRA Industry LLC, from a private owner with the expansion of the business.
  • 1986 Developed automated diamond grindstone molding machine.
  • 1989 Developed first diamond grindstone CNC molding machine (SAF series) in Japan.
  • 1992 Developed tool grinding machine (RTG1000).
  • 1993 Developed RTG tool grinding CNC machine.
  • 1995 Developed compaq tool grinding large CNC machine (STG Series).
  • 1997 Constructed a new factory in Daikoji and relocated there. Changed to a company limited because of organizational changes, and changed the company name to KANEHIRA Corporation.
  • 1998 Developed embossed roll groove CNC grinding machine.
  • 1999 Developed first diamond rotary dresser ultra-precision CNC molding and grinding machine in Japan.
  • 2000 Developed cutter blade CNC tool grinding machine for hypoid gear.
  • 2001 Developed compaq tool reamer grinding machine (RTG2000).
  • 2004 Developed compaq (PCD) tool CNC fully automated grinding machine (RTG3000 series).
  • 2008 Developed roll grinding machine (CRG800) for super-hard tool steel.
  • 2009 Developed digital camera device.
  • 2016 Developed digital 5K camera device.
  • 2020 Developed internal grinding machine KIG series with high-precision slewing function.
    Junji Hiramatsu became Chairperson, Tomoki Hiramatsu became President & Representative Director.
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