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Tool Grinding Machine (manual type)

RTG 1000 / 2000M

The RTG-series is the world's highest-level grinding machine in the 21st century. It was developed from our long years of expertise and technological know-how from dealing in PCD grinding machines by KANEHIRA. They are a leading grinding machine manufacturer with over 30 years experience in the manufacture of PCD tool grinding machines.

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Tool Grinding Machine RTG2000M


Tool Grinding Machine RTG1000


Tool Grinding Machine RTG1000 Mechanism element

RTG1000 Mechanism element

Features of RTG2000M

Adoptahighrigidity-antivibration prop for a support parts of the measuring instrument on the machines.

Enable to observe the grinding in real time by high magnificant image (CCD camera type)
While processing, you can confrm work-approach and the state speedily, and processing effciency improves.

High accuracy,high rigidity
The scene of checking rigidity of the swivel section.

To double swivel precision and rigid of XY table swivel axis by adopting high rigidity bed.

The scene of checking rigidity of the swivel section.

High efficiency processing.

High efficiency processing is possible by high capacity motor (option 2.2kw).

Super precision nose R grinding
Super precision swivel base

Super precision & super high rigidity swivel part(option) guarantees 1mm or less circular precision(actual value 0.2

Super precision swivel base

Reduction in processing time

Use a quick slide equipment, it is possible to grind and conform the cutting tooth of work material in a few seconds continuously, and the whole work can do in the shortest time without unnecessary operations.

It is possible to do the qualified measurement in the state that installed work piece, and it makes possible to be time shortening and improve processing accuracy.

Also, with the dresser on machine (option) , the wheels can dress with one touch while processing.

CCD camera

By using of high-performance digital CCD camera;

1) It is possible to process such as grinding tools exactly an arc (corner radii).

2) Drawing a concentric circle in arbitrary size.

3) Drewing a setting of nose radius intersection range.

4) Real-time observation / measurement of high accurate recessing bite and grinding to a width.

5) Drawing arbitrariy cross scale.

6) Save the various measurement and measurement screen in PC.

The camera can move 100mm above.

Work samples by RTG-2000

PCD tip R0.3mm grinding work
PCD tip R0.3mm grinding work

PCD tip R0.3mm grinding work
Tip:Element Six,CTM-302
Diamond grain dia. 2-30 micrometer

Forming machine:Super precision swivel base, 1-axis infeed CNC type

Work samples by RTG-1000

CBN cutting tool
CBN cutting tool

Grinding area:6.5mm x 16mm
Allowance for machining:0.1mm
Roughness:0.125μm Ra
Grinding time:3minutes

PC Diamond triangular & round cutting tools
PC Diamond triangular & round cutting tools

It can grind both shoulders angles and nose R at the same time.
It can grind multi-edged tools at high accuracy by using the index device.

PC Diamond multi-steps reamers
PC Diamond multi-steps reamers

It can grind multi-steps reamers by using a index device and a tailstock.

As it uses a large taper cup type(dia.150mm) wheel,it is possible to grind without an interference at its maximum.

The great variety of the options

index device
Cylindrical grinding index attachment

Cylindrical grinding index attachment

index device (Scroll chuck included)

index device (Scroll chuck included)

Quick change vice
Quick change vice

Quick change vice

3-D quick change vice

3-D quick change vice

Wiper R grinding jig
Wiper R grinding jig

Wiper R grinding jig


RTG1000 RTG2000M
Wheel spindle Motor power 0.75kW 4P 1.5kW 4P
Number of revolution 1700min-1 1800min-1
Rake 0~22° -10~+25°
Vertical travel - 120mm
Wheel head Oscillation stroke 0~50mm 30mm
Oscillation speed 20times/min 30times/min
Travel 150mm
Work table Cross table travel 40mm(X,Y axis)

60mm(X,Y axis)

Swivel angle of work table -100°~+100°
Digital display of swivel angle Min.5′
Table handle graduation 0.01mm
Amount of cross slide 50mm
Amount of work quick slide - 50mm
Wheel Wheel size Taper cup type
φ150 x 50T x 50.8H

Taper cup type
φ150 x 40t x 40H

Weight   500kg 2,000kg
Standard accessories Wheel frange 1set
Standard tools 1set
Catalog (PDF) RTG1000
Adobe Reader distributed by Adobe Systems is necessary to view the PDF file.
Please use to download from.


RTG1000 RTG2000M
Mount type dresser Control function Continuous or intermittent
Diameter of dress wheel φ75mm
Wheel size Cup type
Coolant unit 60L Tank capacity 60W Pump
Digital display of grinding depth Min. 0.001mm

Variable of wheel spindle speed


Variable of speed of oscillation

(Oscillation stroke

Digital swivel goniometer


Powering up of wheel spindle motor

1.5kW 2.2kW
CCD camera 6 magapixel color CMOS
High precision zoom microscope 1-5X
Monitor 17 inch color LCD
Monitor magnification 45-250x(zoom lens)
Measurement function Scale,between two points,radius
Display soft Line segment,Arc,DXF-data
PC Windows 7,HDD250G,DVD drive,
Transmitted light LED 6W
Camera Reinforced-camera mount system
Splash guard  
Index device

Min,angle index 1° 12divisions Standard plate includ
Max. size of index device φ42
(high precision Mizoguchispring collet type)

Cylindical grinding attachment Scroll type, Collet type
Cylindical grinding index attachment Collet type
3D vise Large type / Small type (large type RTG2000M only)
Quick change vise  
Wiper R grinding jig  
1 axis NC machine  
Super precision swivel base unable

Machine dimension

RTG1000 machine dimension
RTG2000M machine dimension
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