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Diamond Wheel Dressing Machine /CBN/Grinding Wheel(manual type)

DFM 210 / 410 / 510

Diamond wheel from dressing and truing machines are full-dressforming machines that perform high-accuracy from dressing and truing of diamond wheels as well as CBN wheels with outstanding efficiency.

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DFM410 Mechanism element



More accurate wheel shape requires toprecisely process a workpiece.

More accurate wheel shape requires toprecisely process a workpiece.

Even if you have a high precision CNC grinding machine, an precise shape is not formed by a wheel that is distorted and wore the tip R.
DFM series can possible to adjust a tip R shape of wheel by easy action, and perform high accuracy processing.

worn grinding stone
worn grinding stone

Processing a work with precise can not by such a distorted wheel.

A wheel that correct a shape by DFM210
A wheel that correct a shape by DFM210

To achieve a high precision shape by correcting a shape of tip with high accuracy.
(The image of work piece by digital camera.)

Features of DFM-series

  • 1)The each parts of the machine posses high stiffness. Accordingly,diamond or CBN grinding wheels are formed at high accuracy.
  • 2)The top of the work is an exchangeble type and is provided with a centering mechanism. For that reason, it is easy to mach the work with the flanges of every company.
  • 3)Oscillation of the grinding wheel spindle with a crank mechanism has a silent motion.
  • 4)This machine is combined by a compact design. For that,it is easy to work and not necessary for it to get a big space.
  • 5)It can combine many options economically suiting for various uses.(Auto in-feed, Swiveling)
A motion of machine in correcting a wheel
A motion of machine in correcting a wheel
Formed work samples
Formed work samples
Auto in-feed, Swiveling
Auto in-feed, Swiveling

This ratchet feed mechanism allows intermittent automatic infeed within the range from 0.0025mm (minimum) to 0.03mm (maximum), with the maximum auto-infeed amount being 50mm. The performance of this device is significant when machining requires fine infeed or takes long time.(optionally for DFM210)

Automatic swiveling is possible. Swiveling angle is set by the stoppers which allow precise setting while eliminating errors due to repetition of swiveling return motions. It is possible to process such as grinding tools exactly an arc(corner radii).(DFM410R)

The swivel drive adopts am airhydro-mechanism to secure smooth rotation of the wheelhead and to minimize the thermal deformation at the same times.

Increase of durability

It is true that the most cumbersome enemy against maintenance of accuracy and performance of a wheel forming machine are abrasive grains produced through forming operation.

Once abrasive grains that contain diamond or CBN particles enter the machine parts, they will invade and erode the movable parts andoptical system soon like a virus. We have given the utmost care to dustproof measures and coolant penetration for the DFM-series, and still continue to provide further improvements.

For the most important wheelhead swivel mechanism, a combined system of labyrinth and air purge is adopted for dustproof and waterproof measures. The swivel base is internally pressurized with 99.99% or more moistureless air to provide an air curtain to prevent external coolant splash and abrasive grains from entering the inside.

The effectivity of this system greatly contributes for improvement of the machine durability.


Simple CCD camera (included monitor)

Allows precise monitoring of the work forming condition.

Wheel spindle angular offset device
Wheel spindle angular offset device

Allows forming of both sides of as small diameter work by one chucking without turning it over.

Work spindle arbors
Work spindle arbors

By making use of high-prection replacable arbors that fit various wheel flanges of different manufactures'grinders, the work spindle nose can be adapted to many types of wheel flanges at low cost.

Standard specifications

DFM210 DFM410


Maching capacity Max.dia. of work φ210mm φ410mm φ510mm
Min.dia. of work φ1mm
Max.width of work 25mm 40mm


Forming angle ±100° ±100°(410E)
Work spindle
(principal axis)
HSK principal axis HSK50
Max.swing φ210mm φ410mm φ510mm
Quil type spindle with centering machanism φ80mm ask
Revolution 100-400min-1 100-1,000min-1 ask
Motor 120W 4P 1,500W 4P ask
Work slide Cross travel(Z-axis) 100mm 160mm ask
Longitudinal travel(X-axis) 115mm 85mm(W-slide) ask
Wheel spindle Wheel size



Speeds 200-1,690min-1



Angular offset angle(A-axis) OP 0-20° -
Motor 200W 4P 750W 4P ask
Wheel table Infeed(U-axis) Per revolution of handle 1mm 0.005mm / graduation
Auto.infeed unit(U-axis)
(intermittent cutting section)
OP Feedrate 0.0025mm-0.02mm
Oscilling stroke(V1-axis) 0-25mm 0-40mm 0-60mm
Oscilling travel(V2-axis) 20mm 30mm 40mm
Oscilling speed 10-30time/min 15-40time/min 10-30time/min
Oscilling motor 15W 60W ask
Swiveling angle(B-axis) ±100° ±100°(410E)
Wheel slide auto.swiveling unit(Swiveling speed) OP 6°-12°/sec (410R,510)
Angle minimum scale 30′ 5′(Digital)
Projector unit Simple CCD camera
(included monitor)
OP 70x
Machine weight 500kg 1,000kg 1,500kg
Catalog (PDF) DFM210
Adobe Reader distributed by Adobe Systems is necessary to view the PDF file.
Please use to download from.


Coolant unit 60L tank, 60W pump
Auto.infeed unit of grinding wheel spindle (standard spec. for DFM410/510)
(Intermittent infeed by rachet & interval timer)
In-feed of oscillate synchronization
Swivel base auto-swivel device (standard spec. for DFM410/510) Swiveling speed 6 degree/sec - 12 degree/sec
Wheel spindle stepless speed change (by inverter)(standard spec. for DFM410/510)
Wheel spindle motor (DFM210) 0.4kW strengthen spindle
Wheel spindle angular offset device(A axis) (standard spec. for DFM410/510) 0-20°
Digital angle meter of wheel slide swiveling (standard spec. for DFM410/510) Min.display5′
Digital angle meter ofwheel slide swiveling Min.display1′
In-feed amount digital display Min.display0.001mm
Digital display of position of work slide (X,Z axis) Min.display0.001mm
Dummy piece test grinding attachment
Splash guard
Adjustable splash guard (Magnet type)
Simple CCD camera (included monitor)(standard spec. for DFM410/510) 17 /21.3 inch LCD
Digital CCD camera (included monitor) 40-200x zoom
Wheel flange
Spring collet holder(φ1-16mm)
Taper sleeve holder
Special-purpose holder
Special-purpose work spindle

Machine dimension

DFM210 dimensional outline drawing
DFM410 dimensional outline drawing
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